[SSDW ® cross section]
Microscopic cross section of SSDW®. The detectable sheath is seen surrounding the deactivating core.
[SSDW ® Spool]
MXT has developed a new concept in antitheft tagging material where the active and deactivating components are integrated into a single element. Called SSDW® (Single Strand Deactivatable Wire), this product consists of a magnetically semi-hard deactivating wire core 125 µm (0.005") in diameter covered by a soft-magnetic detectable sheath 12.5 µm (0.0005") thick (see image).

SSDW® at a length of 50 mm (2") or more is compatible with commercial EAS gates that use electromagnetic detection.

SSDW® is sold on spools in lengths of 5, 10, and 20 km for uninterrupted payout and trouble-free handling. Its low-cost and user-friendly format make it the world's most cost-effective EAS solution. SSDW® is also ideal for high-speed source marking.

MXT has supported SSDW® by developing a range of EAS products including deactivators and applicators.