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EAS Products
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EAS Products
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  • SSDW® — electromagnetic (em) deactivatable wire

    • Spools contain 5, 10, or 20 km.
    • Other lengths are available upon request.
[SSDW ® spool]
  • EAS tags

    • A variety of em retail and library tags are available.
[Various EAS tags]
  • Conversion-free applicator (CFA)

    • Available 2008. The CFA combines SSDW® and adhesive tape into EAS tagging material, and then cuts and extrudes a tag. Cartridges contain 100 m SSDW® and 100 m clear adhesive tape.
[CFA gun]
  • Deactivators

    • MXT-designed. Although made especially for use with SSDW® EAS tags, these contact or near-contact deactivators are 100 % effective with all electromagnetic tags.
    • Deactivators are available as freestanding or flush-mounted, or as handheld devices.
[Handheld and table-top deactivators]
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Fine Metallic Fibers
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Fine Metallic Fibers
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  • As produced

    • The fibers' discontinuous lengths can reach 20 m.
  • Chopped Fiber

    • Lengths range from 2 to 15 m.
  • Thread Products

    • Thin and flexible, these have a customer-specified fiber loading.
  • Sheet Products

    • They are thin and flexible and come loaded with MXT detectable fiber according to the customer's specifications.
[Four fiber formats]
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